How To Promote Your Business On Instagram For Free

  Do you know how to promote your business on Instagram for free? How about social media at large?

Discover how to promote your business on Instagram for free.

 The world is said to be a global village with a lot of technological inventions and innovations coming to play in our everyday lives. 

 We have seen various social media platforms in the like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram, to mention a few.

 These social media platforms help to improve and promote the way we communicate and relate with one another.

 Another interesting aspect of it, is how the above listed social media platforms, can help promote your business for free!

 Yes! Most businesses as well as renowned firms and companies, have their presence on the major social media platforms we use everyday.

 Do you know why? The reason is because their audience are mostly social media based. And the easiest way to get their attention, is to build presence where they are.

 In this article, we shall be looking at how you can possibly use the Instagram for your business.

 Specifically, we are looking at How To Promote Your Business On Instagram For Free.

How To Promote Your Business On Instagram For Free

 Instagram has been one of the forerunners of the internet for so long ever since it was created in 2010.

 It has enormously contributed in promoting many small businesses as well as larger ones in the past decade.

 Most companies use the Instagram platform to promote their brands/ products.

 The whole essence is to reach more with the knowledge of available products and services including the brand involved.

How To Use Instagram For Business?

 Instagram has more than 1.1billion monthly active users making it the 6th largest social media platform in the world.

 A great tool which you can use to promote your business on Instagram for free is known as “Instagram For Business.”

What Is Instagram For Business?

 Instagram for business refers to the business profile set aside by Instagram for businesses.
 This business profile on Instagram is different from the normal Instagram account. 
 It has promotional and analytical tools which can help a brand or business to grow and reach more people.

How To Promote Your Business On Instagram For Free Using Business Profile?

 This is actually the main angle for promoting your business on Instagram.

 The first thing you need to do is, create a business profile account.

 Incase, you have already created a normal or usual Instagram account, you can always convert it into a business profile.
The things you may need for creating a business profile on Instagram are;
  • A business name
  • Business type
  • Business location.
  • Your Contact; email and/or phone number.
 When all these are provided, a username will be generated for you. But don’t forget that you can change it to your test.
 In addition, you can include a brief description of what your business is about. (Don’t ignore this as it will go a long way to communicate your business to Instagram users who visit your profile.)

 As soon as your account is created, email verified and fully set for operation, below are a few things to do to promote your business on Instagram for free.

Ways To Promote Your Business On Instagram For Free:

Post About Your Business Brand/Products

 Instagram has helped a lot of firms achieve many milestones as a result of its wide range of users you can possibly reach out.

 You can as well promote your brands/products on this platform and get extremely huge feedbacks from the audience who may be interested in them.

 Utilize the create button, with a picture of your product (s), use the description space to say something about your it.

 Afterwards, give it a publish so that it will be displayed on your profile.

Use Hashtags To Promote Your Business On Instagram For Free!

 Hey there, hope you didn’t just get the posting idea? Promoting your business on Instagram for free isn’t just write and publish.

 You will have to do something to get someone to see what your business has to offer.

 One important thing to do is to add or include hashtags in your posts. You can do that in the body or in the comment section of the post.

 There’s a best way to do it, and you can always get someone to manage this aspect if you think you ain’t good at it.

Use The Platform To Enlighten Customers About What You Are Out For As A Business

 So much can’t be made in promoting a brand/product alone.

 What makes the difference is simply the engagement you get from your potential clients.

 And this platform (Instagram) is opened for such avenue, with it you can possibly post Q and A sections, send and receive messages, do live streaming, stories, podcast and all of that. 

 By so doing you can know what exactly your audience wants from you, how good they think your brand and products are. How infuriated it looks like or maybe how well you need to work on your product(s).

 All these can as well boost the knowledge you have for your clients and also the awareness your clients have for your brand, vise versa.

 The platform act as a communication tool. With it you can get to hear from your customers just like we said earlier on whether they consider what you are doing as worthwhile or not.

 A good reason why anyone would like to own a business is to have good chances to communicate with our customers. Communication serves as a bridge between the company and its clients. 

 Fortunately, you can promote your business on Instagram for free by simply communicating your business on the business profile.


 As long as the internet exist, there’s no way its benefits/advantages can be thrown out.

 Simply because it plays a huge role in our lives, more than just meeting new people. It can also be used to positively affect our businesses even for free.

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